Mobile Veterinary Care Solution

DownHome Veterinary Clinic, LLC provides a full complement of at home medical care and surgical care options.

We can provide the appropriate care to keep your pets healthy.  Whether we are treating 1 or 10,000; our goal is to keep your family healthy and minimize illness.

Despite our best intentions, illnesses can occur.  In order to serve our patients we provide at home/farm medical care, to reduce the already ill patient from any additional stress.  We provide much of the same care you would receive in a standard clinic, just on wheels.


Although we try to provide the best care at home, we all know not all care can be provided in home.  In cases that require referral, we will send you to the appropriate location for ongoing critical care or surgery. We always place our patients care first and appreciate the understanding of our clients if referral is needed. 

Services OFFERED

  • Annual Wellness Examination
    • Vaccines (Individual/Herd Health)
    • Dewormer
    • Flea, Tick, & Intestinal Parasite Prevention
    • Heartworm/Tick Disease Prevention & Testing
  • Laboratory Services
    • Onsite & Offsite
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Sick and Urgent Care Services
  • Dental Care (small/large)
  • Reproductive Services
  • Herd Health & Parasite Management Programs
  • Exotic Animal Large and Small Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Referral Services For Specialty Cases
  • At Home Hospice/Euthanasia & Cremation Services


OUR Mission


DownHome Veterinary Clinic, LLC  is determined to minimize the pain and suffering of any sick/injured pet.  We strive to treat our patients how we would want to be treated.  Our goal is to offer affordable at home/farm healthcare solution. 

At DownHome we want you to not only be a patient and a client, but we want you to be family. 

"DownHome, where we know you by name and treat you like family" .